Women in the North Conference

Keynote - Monday April 19th

11:45am - 1:15pm
Kristen Cumming, Keynote

Kristen Cumming

Cantos Performance Management

Leading Through Volatility

This session helps leaders understand their role and purpose when supporting people during volatile conditions. Content will cover how to get clarity for yourself and for others, how to remain connected and resilient and how to commit to decisions and actions while working through a pandemic. Finally, the session will consider the purpose of leadership during turbulent times and the opportunities that turbulence provides. 

Kristen Cumming’s career is focused on improving the connection between people and their work. Her 20 years’ experience in career development and human resources is complemented by a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Master of Education degree in Workplace and Adult Learning. Kristen instructed eight years with the Bachelor of Management Business Economics program at the University of Alberta – Augustana Campus and for the past 20 years operated a successful consulting practice through which she serves as a speaker, facilitator and trainer on recruitment and retention, leadership and execution.

Keynote - Wednesday, April 21st

11:45am - 1:15pm

Jenifer Horvath

Heartlifted & AWE

Managing Your Mental Health For Improved Productivity and Leadership

Studies show that long-term stress impacts our ability to make good decisions, communicate effectively, stay motivated and get things done. Many of us were stressed before COVID-19, but the pandemic has added layers of stress, anxiety, and depression. The United Nations reports that women have been burdened disproportionately by the pandemic. You probably see it in yourself and the women around you. If that wasn’t enough, we are running organizations in a VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. This requires leaders to have the mental, emotional, and interpersonal preparedness for uncertainty and risk. New leadership competencies, such as using well-being as a strategic resource, are becoming essential.

In this session, you will learn:

– how stress and anxiety biologically impacts ones’ executive abilities,

– ways to manage that biological system for improved mental functioning,

– what leadership competencies you need in a VUCA world,

– tools to better prioritize and make decisions, and

– there is hope and opportunity in these challenging times.

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”– Desmond Tutu.

Jenifer Horvath is a part-time Business Advisor at Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, working to help Alberta women start, build and scale their businesses. Jenifer also runs her own business, Heartlifted, where she coaches women to reduce their stress, overwhelm and guilt so they can be more calm, happy and productive at work and home. Jenifer has over 20 years of marketing, social media, management, consulting and coaching experience with international and Alberta-based organizations. She’s passionate about supporting women to achieve their dreams and is excited to be part of the Women In the North Conference.

Keynote - Friday, April 23rd

11:45am - 1:15pm


Beckie Scott

Three time Olympian

Impact of Effective Leadership

Beckie Scott’s journey from the ski trails of Vermilion, AB to the top of the Olympic podium, and into the board-rooms of international sport politics is a story of courage, resilience and values-based leadership, with an important moral message. From her early days of learning to ski in her parent’s backyard to becoming a leading voice for global athletes’ rights and fairness through the Russian doping crisis, to her present-day role as Founder and CEO of a sport-for-development charity, Beckie’s story is about the importance of resilience, ethical decision-making and above all, leading with integrity. As we continue to adapt and adjust to the ever-changing realities of living and working through a global pandemic, Beckie presents fresh inspiration through her stories of lived-experience that we can all take away and use.

Beckie Scott is a three-time Olympian with nearly two decades of competitive cross-country ski racing. She is Canada’s most successful cross-country skier and one of the world’s best all-around cross-country racers. She became a Board Member of the International Olympic Committee, the Canadian Olympic Committee Executive Board and the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). Beckie is a Member of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame, and the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame. She is a recipient of the Governor General’s Meritorious Service Award, has twice received the John Semmelink Memorial Award for most sportsmanlike conduct in winter sport competition. In addition to her sporting endeavors, Beckie has been recognized and acknowledged for her charitable work. She is a UNICEF Canada Special Representative and an Athlete Ambassador for the humanitarian organization, Right To Play. Scott also serves on the board of directors for the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and the Trans-Canada trail.  She is a frequent presenter and contributor to global conferences. She is passionate on demonstrating practical solutions for how to take yourself, your team and your organization to overcome all obstacles for success.  Beckie dabbles in freelance writing and has contributed to the Globe and Mail, and CBC online. Beckie Scott is a broadcaster analyst for CBC and CTV Sports Winter Olympics and holds honorary doctor of laws degree from the University of Alberta.

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